Title: National Marine Aquarium
 Signage Master Plan

Client: National Marine Aquarium

Design: Spiff

Production: Spiff

“We engaged the services of Spiff when we realised we needed a holistic strategy for our visitor signage at the National Marine Aquarium. Having worked extensively with Spiff on many projects over the years they were the perfect solution for us. They took time to understand the needs of both ourselves and, more importantly, our customers. The strategy they produced was logical, intuitive and practical. It was designed with our budget in mind knowing that we could not implement it all at once but instead it was broken into stages that we are slowly applying across our site. I can highly recommend Spiff Design for any interpretation, exhibition design or signage projects you might have.”

Dave Gibson
M.D National Marine Aquarium

Title: Signage Concepts

Design: Spiff